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2 messages.
Noam Vazana Trio Noam Vazana Trio de Amsterdam, The Netherlands a écrit le 27 mai 2014 à 17 h 10 min
Dear Programmer I want to interest you in booking Noam Vazana for the 2014 Salo Jazz Noam plays piano & trombone & sings her own compositions. Recently Noam has performed in Jazzahead festival in Bremen, Rocella Jazz festival & the Tanjazz (Tangier jazz festival).​ Noam Vazana on youtube:
Pathos Project Pathos Project a écrit le 3 septembre 2012 à 21 h 22 min
Dear Sirs, I would like to bring to your attention one of our italian musical singer/songwriter, hoping that she will please you. Kindest regards, Bianca Martin Radici Musicali Pathos Project The "Manu.F - Pathos" project comes from the need to mix different musical styles through a common language as a matrix characterized by a never banal simplicity of guitar (Andrea Castelfranato) and voice (Manuela Frania - Manu.F) that come together in different shades, creating a single color with the pulse of a drum (Franco Liberati). The trio has the ability to recreate the atmosphere of musical characteristics of a trip developed by re-reading passages from the international repertoire. The three musicians, even thought they come from different experiences and musical training, ranging from pop, funk, soul and blues and they are able to mix these different elements and create a particular sound mix. The flow that is created to interact with the three instruments generates unusual natural intriguing sounds, large, full-bodied, full of pathos, which can give a dimension of a timbre almost surreal. The great ability to move from delicate accents to other more vibrant intensity, the feeling of the musicians and the expression derived, are such as to be enjoyable and effective way to run. Manu.F (Manuela Francia) has recently participated in the national festival "Donne in Jazz" (Women in jazz) Manu.F (Manuela Francia) - Voice Andrea Castelfranato - Guitars Franco Liberati - Drums